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custom car interiors in Gladesville and Sydney’s inner suburbs - Balian Prestige Detailing

Balian Prestige Detailing provide high quality car detailing and car interior cleaning in Sydney and the city’s inner suburbs, for luxury cars. Our services are second to none and with our attention to detail, we go out of our way to ensure that our customers are very satisfied with our work – there is nothing quite like the smell of a new car.

  • Custom car interiors, Parramatta
  • Car interior care Chatswood
  • Car window cleaning, Ryde
  • Car mirror cleaning, Gladesville
  • Car roof lining repair, Parramatta
  • Car carpet shampoo, Chatswood
  • Car leather protection, Sydney
  • Car leather cleaning, Ryde

Car interior cleaning, Chatswood and the inner suburbs of Sydney

All cars lose their interior shine and their new car smell after a few months, particularly if you have children or dogs in the car. It is just one of the facts of life, but it is also easy to fix with our detailing and car interior cleaning in Gladesville.

Roof lining, Ryde and Sydney’s inner suburbs

If your roof lining is ripped, faded or sagging, replacing it with a brand new lining will give your car a new lease on life. There is nothing worse than a poorly maintained roof lining in a car, so don’t hang around, call us and we will fix your problem for you.

Car presale detail, Parramatta and Sydney’s city suburbs

If you are ready to sell your luxury car, the best way to maximise your asking price is to have a car presale detail in Sydney and let your car do the talking for you.

Car leather cleaning and protection, Gladesville and Sydney’s inner suburbs

If leather is not maintained well, it can wear, fade and rip leaving your luxury car looking aged and worn as well. At Balian Prestige Detailing we make sure that your leather interiors are kept in tip top shape at all times.

For car cleaning, roof lining repair, car leather cleaning and protection services and other car care services, call Balian Prestige Detailing (Leading car detailers/polisher and upholstery cleaner in Sydney) at 0401 528 285 or email at balianprestigedetailing@hotmail.com.


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