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car polishing and new car paint protection in Sydney - Balian Prestige Detailing

Balian Prestige Detailing are specialists in luxury car polishing in Sydney and the inner city suburbs. If you want to keep your car looking as good as the day you whisked it out of the showroom, then you need an expert team of car detailing specialists on your side.

As well as interior and exterior car detailing, we also provide car polishing, hand car washing and paint protection services.

  • Car polishing, Gladesville
  • Hand car wash, Ryde
  • Paint protection, Parramatta

Car polish, Parramatta and Sydney’s inner suburbs

This is a 2-step process where we remove all of the surface scratches from the external body of your car and then complete the process with a high quality polish. The result is a superior gloss finish on your car, which is very durable and makes your car look brand new again. This process is best used to remove light to medium scratches, water spots, marks from bird droppings or to freshen faded paint.

Car wash, Sydney

Professional car washing involves much more than simply soap and water. At Balian Prestige Detailing we use only the latest and the highest quality cleaning products to manual hand car wash your car. When your car is hand washed, you know that there is no margin for error and you will enjoy a professional job, every single time. Our car wash services are included as part of our car detailing packages.

Car paint protection, Ryde and inner Sydney suburbs

Paint protection for cars in Sydney is much more than just a ‘cut and polish’. With professional paint protection, a special protective coating is applied to the body of your car, which forms a ‘second-skin’ on top of the factory installed paint.

The advanced chemical resistance in this protective coating, not only gives your car a high gloss finish, but your car is now scratch resistant, and protected from damage caused by bird droppings, tree sap, pollution, UV damage and corrosion.

  • Manual Car wash in Parramatta
  • Car polish, Gladesville
  • Car paint protection, Chatswood

For car wash, car polishing, car paint protection and other car care services, call Balian Prestige Detailing (Leading car detailers/polisher and upholstery cleaner in Sydney) at 0401 528 285 or email at balianprestigedetailing@hotmail.com.


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