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Balian Prestige Detailing – specialist auto care and underbody protection in Sydney

At Balian Prestige Detailing we provide specialist car upholstery cleaning in Sydney, as well as underbody rust protection in Sydney and the inner city suburbs.

We have spent years in the auto care business, building a solid reputation for our hard work and unparalleled ethics. At Balian Prestige Detailing we make sure that your luxury car has a top quality finish and continues to give you and your family pleasure and enjoyment, well into the future.

  • Auto care, Sydney
  • Car upholstery, Ryde
  • Under car protection, Gladesville

Car upholstery, Gladesville and Sydney’s inner suburbs

Car upholstery can sometimes take a beating and absorbs all of the sweat and oils from your skin, as well as the usual stains and spills from accidents. You will be amazed at how well your fabric upholstery will come up like new with our specialist cleaning techniques.

Frequent auto care for car interior upholstery in Sydney and the inner city suburbs is a great way to maintain your car in tiptop shape and is also ideal as a presale measure to maximise your selling price.

Under body protection in Ryde or Sydney’s inner city suburbs

You don’t have to own a 4WD and go off-road driving to take advantage of specialist underbody rust protection in Gladesville or Sydney’s inner suburbs. Rust can creep into your car anywhere, it can penetrate the joints, seams and even the headlight mountings.

We have all seen the rust under bonnets and in door sills and that same rust can occur underneath your car very easily. Salt and salt air make the situation worse, so living near the beach in Sydney can increase the probability of rust occurring, but corrosion can occur wherever you live.

Our anti-corrosion coating conforms to Australian Standards and neutralises any existing rust and protects the underside of your car from the spread of corrosion.

For car upholstery, underbody car protection, auto care services and other car care services, call Balian Prestige Detailing (Leading car detailers/polisher and upholstery cleaner in Sydney) at 0401 528 285 or email at balianprestigedetailing@hotmail.com.


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